ULT Tokens

What ULT Tokens are and
how they Function

Universe Land Trust Tokens represent a portfolio of land based businesses and communities. ULT Tokens are minted whenever new land enters the Universe Land Trust, as well as when lands in the Trust are further developed with infrastructure. The amount of ULT Tokens minted are directly proportional to the market value of lands entering the Land Portfolio and the cost of infrastructure. Property owners that give their property to the ULT, after the approval of the ULT Board of Directors, are granted an amount of ULT Tokens equivalent to the market value of the gifted property.

Currently there are 4.25M ULT Tokens available for circulation at a rate of $1.00 each.


There are currently 3 main properties that the token are operating within. They are as followed:


A 400 acre property with a finished market value of 2.7M USD in Chicacao, Guatemala. This property includes a 45 acre coffee farm, 19 individual homes, a town center, cobblestone roads, a church, a 6KW/H water to energy plant, 6 springs, and a ridiculous abundance of fruit trees.

San Marcos

A 14 bedroom lakeside resort with two event venues, and a restaurant with a maximum capacity of 300 people located in the heart of San Marcos, formerly known as Shumans Hotel. Finished market value of 1.2M.

San Marcos

A 4 bedroom manor located on the lake on the outskirts of San Marcos. Market Value of 350,000 USD.

LT Tokens, once purchased, can be locked to an account representing one of the properties in the ULT. For all properties, 30% of profits are distributed proportionately to ULT token holders according to how many ULT Tokens staked to the property. ULT Tokens can be unstaked and moved. In addition different perks are awarded per property. For all Locations, one night free includes a private suite with private bathroom and room for 1-5 people. All credit payments are monthly

The Chicacao Property

100 Tokens

– $15 USD in credits per month

300 Tokens

$30 USD per month

1,000 tokens

$70 USD plus 2 nights free accommodation per month

3,000 tokens

$100 USD + 5 nights free per month + stewardship of 100 SQM

10,000 tokens

$150 USD + 7 nights free per month + 500 SQM + $2,000 in Build Credit

20,000 tokens

$200 USD + 9 nights free per month + 2000 SQM + $5000 in Build Credit

35,000 tokens

$250 USD + 12 nights free per month + 1 acre + $15,000 in Build Credit

50,000 tokens

$300 USD + 13 nights free per month + 2 acres + $25,000 in Build Credit

70,000 tokens

$400 USD + 14 nights free per month + 3 acres + $40,000 in Build Credit

140,000 tokens

$500 USD + 15 nights free per month + 7 acres + $85,000 in Build Credit

Credits are redeemable at all businesses on the Chicacao property. Build credits are redeemable for infrastructure development of home or business. All perks awarded are transferable. Credits and Free Night Stays are storable for 6 months. Tokens locked up to 3,000 Tokens are unlock-able with a 3 month withdrawal time. Tokens locked past 3,000 are only unlock-able if another member of the ULT wants to hold ownership of land granted to the Token Holder.

The Resort

100 Tokens

5% discount and $10 per month in Credits (Limited to 200 people)

300 Tokens

10% discount and $20 per month (Limited to 100 people)

1,000 Tokens

15% discount and $30 plus one free event per month.

3,000 Tokens

20% discount and $40 plus three free events per month

10,000 Tokens

25% discount and $50 plus four free events and one night free per month.

20,000 Tokens

30% discount and $70 plus five free events and three nights free per month.

40,000 Tokens

35% discount and $90 plus six free events and five nights free per month.

The Lakeside Manor

15,000 tokens

1 night free per month

50,000 Tokens

5 nights free per month

70,000 Tokens

10 nights free per month

100,000 Tokens

15 nights free per month

120,000 Tokens

20 nights free per month

150,000 Tokens

30 nights free per month

Nights during the 4 month long peak season 10-1 costs two nights.