The Universe

An International Spiritual Organization

Our Vision

The Universe is an international spiritual organization dedicated to supporting positive change projects that empower lightworkers to fulfill their divine purpose. Through supporting these projects we can create a space where all can freely express themselves, giving way to beautiful oppurtunities of creation.

Funding Abundance, Empowerment
and Regeneration

The Ministry

The primary fund of The Universe. For people that desire to contribute resources and assets for the benefit of humanity and planet earth. Hard Set 14.4% APR backed by assets, resources, and business revenues.

The Universal
Land Trust

A fractional-ownership driven portfolio of activated community properties holding space for positive change aligned people, projects, and businesses. For people wanting to support, live in and benefit from land based intentional communities


A managed portfolio of cryptocurrency focusing on DAO run DEFI operations including leverage, arbitrage, and algorithmic trading. Historical APR of 628.8% as of 8/13/2021. For people wanting to turn money into more money.

Get Involved


Our members benefit from access to our international community as well as a 5% discount and no fees on the purchase of Seeds.


Our missionaries are rewarded for sharing The Universe projects with others. 5% commission, paid in ministry equity, on all referred contributions and a bonus for each person invited.


Our Stewards assist with our operations. Roles include gardening, farming, construction, administrative, programming, UI/UX, art creation, management, and performance. Stewards are given a salary or are paid by bounty and quests. Stewards are selected from Missionaries.


Our Ministers hold responsibility for a branch of the Universe and hold a Vote in all non-fiscal matters that pertain to the Universe. Ministers are awarded a salary of $2,000 per month.

Executive Ministers

Our Executive Ministers manage and steward the Universe Ministry Fund. A 75% approval from the Board of Executive Ministers is required to allocate resources and assets from The Universe. Minimum of 100,000 USD contribution required as well as approval from the Board. Salary of $5,000 per month plus equity payments.